[EN] Millenium Team recruits GunShy and Urban

- Call of Duty -


By Jonathan Georget

At the dawn of the Call of Duty World League season 2018, Millenium Team welcomes Tomas ‘GunShy’ Jones and David ‘Urban’ Marsh.


New game, new season and new start for Millenium’s Call of Duty team. After a complicated year with the violet jersey, the scottish Mark ‘MarkyB’ Bryceland is back in the fight on WWII with Adam ‘Peatie’ Peate and two new new players : « We have already teamed up with these two players by the past, we know that they will bring so much to the collective and we are glad to get them back. GunShy is a veteran, but above all he’s one of the most titled player in Europe. Urban is, for his part, a rough diamond known for his skills and intelligence in the game. »


Far from the stage for almost 3 years, it’s Tomas ‘GunShy’ Jones’ comeback on WWII. Real pioneer of the discipline in the UK, he was TCM Gaming’s captain back in 2015, the only european team who managed to cross the Atlantic to play in MLG Pro League with the best North American teams. He also kept for a long time the record of the best european performance in the US with a 3rd place in the MLG Anaheim in 2014, a historical performance which has not been forgotten and that he accomplished with… MarkyB and Peatie !


Today the legend is back and it’s with Millenium Team that GunShy decided to get back to action : « I’m very grateful to my teammates, Millenium and the partners for their trust. I’m glad to come back and to do what I like, it would not have been possible without them, I can’t wait to get back to work and to make this year a great success. »


The fourth player of the team played with MarkyB and Peatie too for the entire Black Ops 3 season. Known for his moving skills, Urban brings a hint of youth and madness to the group. This young british treasure bloomed in jet-pack games and if some observers have doubts about his ground-game skills, he looks confident : « I’m experienced with the ground-game even if I wasn’t playing at the highest level, in terms of gaming time I am amongst the highest of Europe. I’m pretty sure that the transition will be easy. »


Welcome to our two new Millenium Team players ! Next milestone on november the 3rd for the first online qualification phase for CWL and Pro League tournaments. #MFighting